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What Did I Do Wrong? 
Puzzled by your partners complaints?


Some of the mistakes we commonly make in relationships are:

  • Hiding your feelings and not confiding in your mate
  • Not showing or being able to express affection
  • Confusing who you are with what you do
  • Confusing sex (a physical act) with making love (an emotional act).
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings
  • Holding grudges and built-up anger

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This is a common sentiment shared during discussions which often lead to feelings of contempt. You can learn to use tools to improve communication and promote more positive talks between you and your partner. With the help of your
partner and a skilled, objective professional, you can begin to identify and avoid styles that are unhealthy and lead to conflict, learn how to actively listen, and mutually agree on problem resolution. Increasing your ability to
communicate can produce emotional closeness, increase intimacy, and strengthen the sacred bond.

Relationships Are Work

Relationships require a lot of work and nurturing in order to grow. Many divorces occur partly because couples are not prepared for marriage. Frequently, couples spend more time preparing for the 'wedding' rather than preparing for long lasting and healthy relationships. Counseling enables individuals and couples to explore their strengths and growth areas. It is also helpful to strengthen your communication skills while developing personal, couple, and family goals. Relationship enhancement and the prevention of divorce enable you to strengthen your family and work relationships.

Areas of Growth Include:


  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Influences
  • Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Children and Parenting
  • Remarriage and Divorce
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Financial Management
  • Self-Understanding or Personal Acceptance

Most people know they are in trouble up to six years before they seek counseling
With professional help, you can build a more nurturing and fulfilling relationship. Uncovering hidden expectations, learning to acknowledge and appreciate your partners differences, gaining a better understanding of your past, recognizing communication patterns that promote pain and conflict instead of pleasure, and increasing self-awareness can bring more joy to you and your partner.
Many couples have found that relationship counseling and education provides those new ways of working through their problems. It is a safe place to explore and identify you source of stress, examine your relationship history, assess your current relationship, and build more a nurturing, pleasurable, fulfilling and lasting relationships.

You can learn to use tools
I translate cutting-edge research and theories into practical solutions that can assist couples learn new perspectives and gain new understanding, particularly as they relate to love, intimacy, and trust. In my practice, we will do what works. Experiential. educational, and sound therapeutic approaches are gently blended together in order to show you how skills, attitudes, and emotional understanding are needed to develop and sustain healthy and satisfying intimate relationships and coequal partnerships.

Services Offered image

  • Couples counseling
  • Relationship assessment
  • Marriage education or re-education
  • Consultation
  • Premarital education

I also help couples identify their strengths and growth areas using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory. The PREPARE/ENRICH inventory is one of the most robust, empricially sound, and comprehensive assessment tools that can be used in most stages of a relationships. It is customizable assessment for different stages of relationships (premarital, marital versions) and faith based versions (Catholic, Jewish, Prostetant).

For more information about research with the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory, view  Research Articles .


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