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The Balancing Act

(created May 1, 2015)

Does this sound like you?  You are sitting at your desk or in your kitchen, idly glancing at your daily schedule, which is laid out in an elaborate time-management system with binders busting with "to-do" lists, phone logs, dates, meetings, play dates, and events in your Outlook, mobile organizer apps, or the latest high-tech efficiency electronic organizers charts.  Suddenly, you sigh and realize that you no longer want your day to be so complicated.  Some days you realize that you no longer want to be on the "495 Beltway" and would like to take a detour on a slower pace route.  It sounds like you might need to get more balance in your life.  You are always trying to juggle many things in your balancing act.  It may be helpful to find some time to slow down, relax, and reflect on things you can do to improve your quality of life.  Decrease the complexity on your list and make some major/minor changes.

Achieving balance in your life may involve reducing the scale, eliminating the complexity in your life, minimizing the time demands of life while maintaining comfort.  Trying to maintain some balance in your life may mean paring down and having the things in our lives more manageable, simple, and "doable".  You may find that you may need to free yourself from the commitments, the people, and the obligations that kept you from having time to do things you really want to do. And lastly, you may want to create a more harmonious lifestyle with less "things" and get back to basics.

Balance is essential in enabling you to tend to your core needs and concerns, including trying to achieve harmony in body, mind, and spirit.  Take time to do an assessment of you and all things in your life:  you, "the self" in relation to others, personal (i.e., intimate and family) and your professional lives.  Balancing can involve many factors, such as time, energy, and money. 

Just remember, achieving a sense of balance in your life can be a continuous struggle, or juggling act.  Keep in mind, one person's simplicity is another person's complexity.  Some of the many complexities of your life may include:

  • Action and rest, knowing when to engage, when to stop, and the difference
  • Doing and being; do what you really want to do and be in the moment
  • Past and present; slow down the pace of your life, stop reliving the past, reinterpret past painful events in a positive manner, move on...."next"
  • Self-awareness (uncovering and self-discovery through self-reflection and quieter moments) and self-management  (coping, conflict resolution, setting reasonable limits, and problem solving)
  • Routine and variety, following your well developed plan, stop the busy work, know when it is time to make a change, create your own rituals
  • Spontaneity and structure, knowing when it is time to just be and setting small successive steps to achieve your goals
  • Primal desires (impulse) and civilization (societal norms, values, or morals)
  • Work and play
  • Form and function
  • Openness and protectiveness

Balance is an ongoing process to learn, find, practice, maintain, and regain our leveling or centering of yourself.  It may mean cleaning up your relationships, your household, and most importantly your expectations.  When you begin to manage your life better, you will have a better sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Balance is essential to improving the quality of your life on your road to wellness!


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