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I Am Changing: Changing Life Habits

(Created February 11, 2019)

Your constant struggle with balancing life can impact your overall health. For example, business management researchers and psychologists consistently find that work and family conflict is associated with depression, anxiety, emotional strain, overall health, and general dissatisfaction with life. Some researchers have found that work and family conflict is associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels while other researchers have found a relationship between conflict and unhealthy behaviors, such as lack of exercise and poor dietary choices.

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Many researchers have been making positive strides on managing life and examining many positive factors that can enhance mind body connections. There have been many scientific studies showing reversal of heart disease and other stress reactions to our body with positive and proactive techniques such as: therapy, using a combination of meditation, stress-reduction exercises, and a healthy diet. 

The effects of the mind-body can be seen when you make yourself more resilient to stress through good nutrition and sleep. Use the mind to have a healing effect on the body.  The mind is powerful in affecting our health. Your belief system plays a pivotal role in the healing process. Belief in the effectiveness of change woman balancing on her back on a bosu ballplays a powerful role in motivating your behavior.  Changing your belief system and being more aware of new possibilities. Meditation, positive thinking (i.e., a paradigm shift in thinking--minimizing negative thinking, or cognitive distortions, and replacing them with positive beliefs), listening daily to guided imagery apps, CDs, and MP3s, body work such as yoga, and various other mind-body techniques can help us gain a new outlook on life.  When you learn to experience inner peace, you are more likely to make and maintain lifestyle choices that are life-enhancing rather than self-destructive. 


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