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African American Mother with Daughter
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Cultural and Social Isolation

(created  March 11, 2019)



Cultural isolation is so pervasive in our culture. Many of us remember when times when we used to have extended families, spiritual meeting places (i.e., synagogues, mosque, temples, and churches), workplace, and our neighborhoods where we felt a sense of community.  We often don't do that now.  Two parent families are the exception rather than the rule.  There aren't many places where we can feel safe enough just to be who we are with out having to create a mask to experience the intimacy and the community that we are all looking for,  I commonly refer to this as "public face/private thoughts".  There is also a yearning for social connections.  When we talk with people, attend activities, do things with others who we share common interests and values, the community really helps keep us achieve our goals.  Sharing feelings is good not just for the person who's doing the sharing but, also for the listener.  We learn vicariously through others, or when people self-disclose, "tell their story", share ideas, and brainstorm.  There is something that happens when we share with a group of people in our community.  Sharing can be very healing. Lets try to keep connected!


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