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Another Look At Stress: Making Stress Work

Another Look At Stress:  Making Stress Work
(created  May 29, 2018)

In the game of life we are constantly trying to do what matters.  Intense, or high levels of stress, is not healthy for you, but, daily or "perceived stress" always exist and having no stress is just not possible. Life without stress can be a life of "nonexistence" in which nothing really matters. Your goal when trying to understand your relationship with stress is to figure out how to manage it effectively; how to use it to build and support a meaningful, resilient life. If not, you can become consumed, overwhelmed, and immobilized with stress.

A lot of how stress impacts you, depends on what’s going in your head about stress. When under stress, oftentimes, you "automatically" anticipate a negative outcome. When you have the belief that stress is bad for you, having higher levels of stress is predictive of poor health outcomes (i.e., hormonal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system changes). Life's challenges can be a catalyst for positive action, personal growth, and compassion. When you believe that stress is something that you can handle, that the stress in your life reflects value, then high stress in your life is reported to that meaning and that sense of life satisfaction. You got this!!!

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